Makertf converts Texinfo files into equivalent RTF files. The generated RTF files are suitable for further processing by the Windows Help Compiler (hcrtf.exe).

Makertf is based on GNU Makeinfo 3.12.


To create an RTF file:

makertf --output=rtffile texifile

To create an RTF file and an HPJ file:

makertf --hpj=hpjfile --output=rtffile texifile

You will need hcrtf.exe in order to create the final Windows help file. This utility is a part of the Microsoft Help Workshop, which you can download from the Microsoft FTP site:


The Makertf project is kindly hosted by SoureForge. Official releases are available on the projects group page.

Source Code

You can use a web interface to browse the Makertf CVS repository.

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